Flint Relief With Nestle

Nestle and DeedPin partnered to take and distribute over 1,400 bottles of water to resident of Flint, MI

IMG_3614DeedPin very thankfully partnered with Nestle Water to help with the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Nestle donated over 1,400 water bottles to the cause while friends, family and DeedPin ambassadors gave generous donations as well. DeedPin loaded, traveled and distributed these waters at multiple locations throughout the city of Flint in order to reach the people that needed the safe water the most, which proved more difficult than intended. Despite the irreversible damage this issue has caused, including possible long term brain damage to the infants, toddlers and children of the town; the smiles and gratitude from the people of Flint were infectious and made this trip even more worthwhile and rewarding.


IMG_5965 However, at the end of our day we still had a few cases of water to donate before heading home but found it very difficulty to find a place to donate these. While conversing with residents and doing our own research we learned many more problems that Flint was facing. We could not distribute the water door to door due to the unwillingness to open their doors for strangers because of the fear of these residents from living in the country’s most violent city. While talking to residents we learned that local fire stations were helping distribute donated water. When we arrived at a local fire station that was handing out cases of water we were told they would not take our donation. We then decided to call a “Help Flint” website but could not be given a drop off location and it was very difficult to select a meeting place since we were put on hold multiple times.

DeedPin plans to stay up to date with this crisis and will continue to make trips like this one to help out. It is unknown when and even how this problem will be fixed due to the damage the chemicals in the water has done to the entire piping system. It is important for us to keep up to date with the needs of these people even when the issue fades from the limelight.


There is a lot of help pouring into Flint and the residents remain very appreciative. But, outsiders remain blinded to the extreme issues Flint faces on a daily basis. Because of the lapse of judgement and intense greed by the government of Flint, the pipes are permanently un-usable for safe water. The national attention is helping the residents get what they need at this moment but what happens when the incoming water supply slows? What happens when the children grow up and don’t have the ability to learn because of the long term effects from being exposed to lead? Who is held responsible for the dangerous decision to save money but result of detrimental outcome? How can we make sure people in power have more common sense? That they have more of a heart than stomach hungry for money?


We think our mission at DeedPin can inadvertently prevent such tragedies as this. If the people in charge of our country, our powerful people that makes decisions every day that directly effect each and every one of us is influenced by good deeds all day every day; we think they will internalize the good they see and have no other choice but sit down at their desk and think about how they can do even more good. They will think about the stranger that told them they were beautiful, about the passer-by that picked up some trash in the park they walk by on their way to work, the middle-class worker that gave the homeless person their left overs. We believe in the butterfly effect. Someone sees good being done and are infected by it and want to do good themselves.


Lets change the world! It starts with you! Let’s do good and inspire others to do the same.