DeedPin wants you to live your life every day showing love and kindness to the world. We are here to provide you encouragement and inspiration to participate in more good deeds whether it’s telling a stranger they are beautiful, donating to a charity, running a marathon for a cause, volunteering at a soup kitchen or many many more.


1. Choose A Way To Change The World.

Do something that excites you. Get inspiration from our archive of good deeds from our digital activists or get inspiration from within yourself.

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2. Pin Your Good Deeds

Go to our “Pin” page and upload your good deeds. We would love to see pictures of what you did as well as a detailed description of how you made our world a better place :)



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3. Keep Changing The World

Don’t stop there! The more love and kindness you show, the more it rubs off and is given by others. Stay encouraged and inspired while encouraging and inspiring others.