Rescue Orphans, Break Poverty and Create Hope

Nica Bags

The concept of “Nica Bags” [pronounced nee-ka] started in the middle of January 2016 when Damian went to visit an orphanage in Nicaragua. He was helping a couple of friends work at the orphanage and learning the story of poverty throughout the country. As someone who grew up without a father, he has a huge heart to help children and teens in need and who are in desperate situations. Orphans have been abandoned by their immediate families. When him and his friends were at the orphanage, they connected deeply with the leaders, children, and the staff who grew up at the orphanage.

Towards the end of this January trip, the leaders at the orphanage were trying to think of ways to fundraise money to help out their organization. As a side business, they were crafting these really unique backpacks and accessory apparel. They would sell them in their local markets and that’s it. But Damian saw how skillful they were, how unique these designs were, the quality of the material and the bag, he saw an opportunity to brand and market them in America. Damian asked them if they would like to partner up, brand their bags, create a market and a movement in the USA, and launch a partnership to rescue orphans throughout the country. The locals in Nicaragua craft the items where the need is present; giving them jobs, skills and opportunities.

Our story and vision:

“An abandoned child left to find food, shelter, and fend for them-self. Attempting to create a home in garbage dumps overwhelmingly entrenched in hopelessness and hunger.

We exist to provide resources for the people who rescue, clothe, and bring food and education to the many orphaned children of Nicaragua, while at the same time empowering these former orphans to become local adult entrepreneurs as they work to grow and sustain their communities.”