What Does Leo’s Oscar Really Mean?

Leo uses his platform to raise awareness on an important issue most people are ignoring.

As social media celebrates what most people think is an over due Oscar win for the talented Leonardo DiCaprio, he uses his platform to shine light on one of the biggest threats to us as humans that also happens to be extremely easy to ignore. Climate change or popularly known as Global Warming threatens the human race for many reasons; I could get into the science of everything but might bore a lot of you there.

Every plant and animal has an ideal range of temperature to sustain and grow. Hopefully this triggers you to realize we are and will slowly lose the ability to grow certain plants at a magnitude that can sustain the human race as a lot of our food is plant based and the food that is not, requires plant based foods to survive. This is the most relatable issue that climate change threatens since we all eat and know that we need food to survive and generally understand the circle of life (Lion King Is The Best).

At DeedPin we consider all things, that make the smallest difference or impact in our world, important. We are passionate about every cause that threatens or affects anyone or thing we share this planet with. Even if you believe you will be able to sustain yourself and life throughout this change I assure you there are people that cannot.

Gandhi said “This planet can provide for human need but not for human greed.”

Let’s make a conscious effort to make small changes that can impact our world for the better. Simple tasks such as: carpooling, biking to work, reducing/reusing/recycling more, turning lights off when they aren’t needed, unplugging things when they are not being used, etc. The list is endless and you can make a difference. Good deeds are everywhere, we just want you to be more mindful and aware of things you can do to change the world for the better.

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picture from oscars2016awards.com