Targets Bathroom Rule Decoded

I am sure you have heard the ruckus about Target supporting transgendered people to use the bathroom that they identify with. These are some views decoded by DeedPin.

There are so many things in this world we should be spending our worries, ideas and resources on other than the debate about Targets new rule about gender identity specific bathrooms. But I also think it is very important for every person to feel loved and accepted.

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This small rule restatement has been blown out of proportion to the max. My main arguments before having a debate with a friend were that 99% of rapists are heterosexual men and that 0% of cases of transgendered women assaulting girls in public bathrooms. But in this discussion I learned that people are worried about men saying they identify as women for the moment and going into women’s bathrooms to prey on women and children.

Gender has always been a societal defining and not substantial or physical like sex. Target’s rule allows transgendered individuals to use the bathroom of their gender, not men to use the women’s room

It is just meant to make these HUMANS feel more comfortable. I believe that if perverts are going to go in a bathroom to prey on women or children they would do it either way, and that is against the law and always will be. A lot of backlash of Target has come from heterosexual men and I don’t know if they think there are a bunch of naked women and children in public bathrooms or what. But, little do they know there are doors and locks on all the stalls, so someone that wanted to assault or hurt someone would have to do some real work, not just walk in. Voyeurism and child pornography have been and still remain to be against the law and people will be punished for those things just as they always have been.

This rule doesn’t change anything other than making transgendered people feel more comfortable going to the bathroom. If none of this opens your eyes at all and you are still against a rule that allows transgendered people to use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in; I will remind you that every Target also has a single stall, wheelchair accessible bathroom that you can choose to use. Don’t punish Target for being kind and caring about every person feeling comfortable out in public.

This just goes back to DeedPin’s whole philosophy of spreading more love and kindness every day. The predators in the world can be changed with love and kindness as well. If every person did everything they could to be kind and love others, none of this would ever be an issue. Doing more good rubs of on people and truly can change their life and/or point of view.

Let’s all work harder to make this world a better place. Click “pin a deed” at the top of this page and tell us about something good you did today or sometime lately even if it the simplest thing that just made another person smile. We want your good deed stories to help inspire others to do more good in this world as well. We can change the world.

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