JUST IN: Did This Really Happen To Trump When He Was A Child?

You will not believe what we just found out about Trump!

There must have been something significantly traumatic in the course of Donald Trump’s life to create such a hateful human being. We have pin pointed it to the lack of love, kindness and compassion that Donald has received throughout his life. Trump was exposed to a lot of judgment, hate, racism and materialism growing up. His father was a pronounced racist as well as an extremist in the business world. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Donald was never taught to “be kind to one another,” like Ellen teaches us today. Trump was taught to do everything he can to stay in power, obtain more and be on top. Unfortunately it is at the cost of others; at the cost of women, minorities, even his family and friends. Hate, betrayal and selfishness have gotten Trump where he is today and it shines through him at every occasion.


For the past century our society has been taught to be obsessed over who is or has the most and best of everything. Donald seems to be someone that has achieved that false impression of success. He still has die-hard supporters due to this misconception of happiness that many generations have been taught. They have always let media and propaganda think for them, therefore continue their mindless journey in supporting Trump. They think he has obtained the ultimate dream. They want to be lead by someone that has already arrived at what they were taught to want so badly.


People go through their days looking down at phones, computers and tablets in order to attain this perceived greatness, Trump supporters and not. As a society, we are oblivious to the other human beings around us, unless they can do something substantial for us. We are only concerned about how hard our own lives are and what we can do to have it easier, to be more beautiful, more fit, wealthier, more popular. We kill ourselves, literally and figuratively, trying to get through our days with these stresses along with other unplanned and traumatic stresses.


Every single one of us is going through something whether we admit it or not; and most of us choose to do it alone. We all think and feel as though we are the only ones going through a difficult time. Let’s lift our heads up and realize WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


We can fight together and break through the lazy emotion that is hate. Love, kindness and compassion take more work but will change our lives and in turn, change the world. There are many studies that prove doing something nice for someone else, making someone else smile, makes us feel better. Being filled with hate and stress actually has a real negative physical effect on our bodies. The biggest secret of all: happiness is LIETERALLY good for our health!


Telling a stranger they are beautiful, paying for someone’s coffee, treating a friend to lunch; there are countless good deeds we can all participate in daily in order to break the egotistical culture we were raised in. We can change the world into what we want it to be. This will make us happier, our peers happier, our communities better.


Think about the butterfly effect: if you see someone in your apartment parking lot in the morning pick up a piece of trash from the ground and throw it away, then someone pays for your coffee on your way to work, then there are flowers on your desk when you get to work and so on; you will feel on top of the world and unstoppable. You are far more likely to spread the kindness onto others because it is infectious. Now, imagine if your mayor experienced this same sequence on a normal day. Once he or she gets to their desk at work they only want to make decisions that ooze this positivity, love, kindness and compassion. We really can change the world one good deed at a time.


This is why Sir the Baptist and I started DeedPin! We are that platform to inspire and encourage this change in the world. We are pushing positivity back into the daily lives of our communities. Taking the light from the negativity in this world and shining it on the good.


Download our free app DeedPin or explore the rest of this site to get involved now. Our Deed Feed and Inspiration Map can provide some ways you can become a digital activist. Or you can go straight to spreading the good in heart and telling us about it which will help inspire and encourage others.


Again: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER so let’s act like it. Spread as much love, kindness and compassion you can today and every day.