What is a Deed?

A good deed can be anything that makes the world a little brighter, kinder, more peaceful, loving.

What is a deed you ask? A good deed? It can be almost anything, anything that you think helped make the world a little brighter, kinder, more peaceful and loving.

From as simple as telling a stranger they are beautiful to raising a large amount of money for an established charity.

Saving a worm from the sidewalk, like my animal loving self did as a child or adopting a pet from your local animal shelter.

Pick up a straw wrapper on the sidewalk and throw it away, recycle daily at home.

Need more ideas? Check out the “inspiration map” tab on this site or the newsfeed on our app DeedPin!

Get out there and help us change the world one good deed at a time no matter how small! One small deed can inspire change in the world.